Sugarplumtree knows how important it is to keep your baby warm during the cold months! While we walk around town, do our christmas shopping, meeting friends etc. our little darlings lie in their pram, maybe sleeping, maybe awake, but usually not moving around as much as we do. And so a little person can easily get cold, soon before we even notice how cold it actually is.

So we at Sugarplumtree have spent a great deal of time and effort to bring you the best products to keep your baby warm. The footmuffs and pramliners that we sell at Sugarplumtree are specially selected by us for their high quality. Fellhof and Wallaboo are at the top end of the market and offer optimal functionality while also looking beautiful.

Lambskin footmuff by Fellhof



Fellhof uses the unique Lamb wool for lining their Footmuffs. Lambskins balance temperature throughout the seasons; warming your baby in winter and then reversing in the summer to keep him or her pleasently cool when the sun is hot. It is ideal for any cot or as a pramliner when going out. Sleeping will never be an issue in this snug, skin- loving material which is 100 percent natural!




Wallaboo cotton sling

Wallaboo footmuffs are made with a splendidly soft and windproof microfibre suede and designed to fit every stroller out there. They are they perfect solution for keeping your baby snug and warm; no matter what the weather is. Wallaboo footmuffs come with double zippers that run the entire length of each side for an easy, simple temperature control. Incredibly stylish, super soft to touch and beautifully easy to use, these fantastic footmuffs are also machine-washable, making them one of the most pragmatic pramliners on the market.



With Sugarplumtree, your baby will be warm and cosy this winter and running noses and cold hands are a question of the past. Keep those little feet warm and the cold at bay with our Fellhof and Wallaboo footmuffs as well as pramliners!